So socks has been officially cancelled, in a move that will surprise no one as the comic hasn't updated in two years, but abandoning a project sucks so I thought I'd at least talk about how that happened. First off, it's an old idea that I firsted messed around with in... 2004, maybe?

It was going to be more realistic then, given the setting, but I'm pretty terrible with drawing people in any way that approaches realism as can be seen by the actual Socks pages that ended up going online, so I toned it down. Can you guess what I was reading then? Maybe it was Flesh Colored Horror.

Anyways, I started the comic officially in 2006, while working on minus Why would I work on two comics at once? Because it turns out I can't stand working on just one thing for long periods of time. On Great's index page it mentions that the comic was originally supposed to be something simple that would let me have time to work on other stuff, but every comic idea I have is like that. I'm pretty sure any creative ability I have is driven entirely by impatience.

Anyways, trying to manage two comics at the same time had predictable results, and after Sock's buffer(around 40 pages when I started) ran out I started missing updates, and after getting stuck on minus in the middle of a few stories, I stopped even attempting to update it. I think the artwork on the first few pages is better than just about anything that came after which is indicative of the drop in quality as I tried to keep up with the schedule I set before finally giving up.

I did learn a small lesson there, and that was in order to avoid the same thing happening again, I'd just work on comics without putting them online until a sketchbook was full or they were complete. Shell which I started in 2007 and put a complete copy of online after minus ended was like a test run for that. And of course, when minus ended I was free to start updating Socks again. I had a month or two of strips already completed and started working on the comic again, only to run into some snags. Partly because the 2008 version of myself didn't seem to like working with ideas and artwork that had been lying around for two years, partly because I was starting to feel the weight of the research that would need to go into doing a good job of handling a foreign setting full of characters from different historical eras.

But the fatal setback was that something was wrong with my paper. I had about 4 months worth of strips almost complete and was getting ready to apply the ink washes to them, only as soon as the paper got wet, it started to bubble. I have no idea why, but thousand of little beads would pop up and none of the washes would take. So all of those pages were unusable, and I was faced with redrawing them, or doing something else. I went with the latter and decided to work on Great which I had started earlier in the year, with the intent of working on Socks once the new year hit, which is in fact when I started redrawing the pages.

Only I went mad, and kept redrawing them over and over again:

Who are those people, anyways? This repeated for a few months and I eventually got a batch of updates mostly done and thought I could start it up again in summer after finishing Great... but Great did not want to end, and I started thinking about Socks a little more. It was originally going to be about 800 pages, so I had completed a little over a quarter of it in a year's worth of work spread out over 3 years. If I had been able to bring the comic to near completion in that amount of time it would have been fine, but at this point, when the majority of the comic's work was still ahead of me and I was pretty dissatisfied with what I had, I decided to bring it to an end, and if I ever get to it again I'll set aside a decent period of time and start over from the beginning. And... that's it! I had a neat scene I wanted to end this with, but I noticed that the pages were screwed up after I had scanned them. Not only were they screwed up... the original pages DISAPPEARED. Seriously.I have no idea where they are. The comic is cursed. So instead here's an incomplete page of people looking at people