This comic was retrieved via the Megafolder, the site went down after kiwis by beat so the guy who runs that was able to get the full story.
I have uploaded what was saved here
Havent completed this section but for now you can at least get:
The Main story

Regarding the acquisition of hats!
Secret Santa guest comic

But don't bother with the links at the bottom of the page as most lead nowhere
I have also salvaged from the archived forums which went down years before the rest of the site did

I put a banner on the top of most of them so you would know it’s a mirror theres 443 pages which I recreate with a template so i wanted to get it right first time
I hosted it on photobucket and built the pages around that.
Soon I am going to reconstruct the whole site the same way I did with and add the Guest comics and other bonus material that was recovered eventually but for now you can still read it like this